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                  JF-5 type trace water measuring instrument with Coulomb method


                  JF-5 Coulomb method micro water meter

                  Coulomb method for trace water analyzer is by Daqing City, Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to absorb domestic and foreign each instrument, the newly developed, with the international advanced level of modern analysis instrument. According to the principle of coulomb titration, the series instrument adopts microcomputer automatic control, compared with similar advanced products at home and abroad. It has the advantages of high sensitivity, fast speed, short balance time, accurate and reliable analysis results. Is the oil, chemical, electric power, environmental protection, medicine, scientific research and other departments of the first choice of high-quality analytical instruments.

                  With a new design concept, to adapt to the international trend, using split design, automatic man-machine menu dialog, full keyboard operation, can be connected to the computer, data processing, storage in the special software operation, small size, high degree of integration of the line. With a strong blank deduction function, the electrolytic cell is designed to prevent moisture intrusion, which greatly eliminates the influence of humidity on the analysis process.

                  I will continue to launch a series of new products, in order to adapt to the needs of different types of users, more embodies the human nature of analytical instruments, intelligent.

                  Instrument meets the standards:

                  GB7600-1987 "operation transformer oil moisture content determination method (Coulomb method)"

                  GB/T606-2003 "chemical reagent, general method for measuring moisture content; Carle Fisher method"

                  Determination of trace water in industrial ethylene and propylene by GB/T3727-2003

                  GB/8350-2001 "Denatured Fuel Ethanol"

                  GB/8351-2004 "ethanol gasoline for vehicles"

                  6023-1999 GB/T determination of trace water in industrial butadiene; Carle Fisher Coulomb method

                  Determination of water content in chemical products by GB/T 6283 Karl Fehufa (general method)

                  11133-89 GB/T "determination of water content in liquid petroleum products; Karl Fehukulefa"

                  11146-1999 GB/T "crude oil water content determination method; Carle Fisher Coulomb method"

                  Technical index:

                  By the electrolysis current: 400mA max.

                  By measuring range: 3 ~ 100 mg g

                  Detection limit: 1ppm.

                  Resolution: 0.1 micrograms.

                  * accuracy: 3 micrograms of water 10 + 20% + 10% + 100 micrograms micrograms of water 1%

                  100 + 0.5% + (without sampling error)

                  Functional characteristics:

                  This control system: MCU and computer control

                  * full Chinese menu operation, large screen liquid crystal display, simple and intuitive.

                  By thermal printing, clear writing, low noise, fast speed.

                  * zero correction: powerful software blank function, ensure that 10 minutes of sample enrichment time, accurate deduction blank

                  9:28 equilibrium point (the end point of titration) setting: this function can improve the adaptability of the instruments of different sensitivity reagent and instrument to ensure the

                  When using any reagent, it can be adjusted to the best measuring sensitive area for analysis.

                  9:28 communication function: can pick up the balance, and communication with the computer, a large amount of data storage, computer is used for instrument control, convenient operation personnel.

                  9:28 analysis precision setting function: according to the different requirements of the analysis of the samples to determine, the user can from the analysis speed and accuracy

                  By choice.

                  This function analysis results storage: can store 100 data.

                  By replacing the reagent prompt function: can remind the user to replace the expiring reagent.

                  This fault self diagnosis function: when the electrolytic part or measuring part failure display automatic display and prompt reason.

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