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                  RSH-1 ultraviolet fluorescence sulfur determination instrument

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                  Applicable to the determination of total sulfur content in crude oil and distillate oil, petroleum gas, plastics, petrochemicals, food etc.


                  Detailed product introduction

                  Ultraviolet fluorescence sulfur determination instrument performance characteristics: 1, Windows operating platform, man-machine dialogue, easy to operate. Using the latest technology, can be separated from the computer to use, to avoid the impact of computer crash on the measurement process. 2, using the micro current sulfur detector, the instrument has the advantages of high sensitivity, low noise, wide linear range, strong anti-interference ability and so on. 3, the standard curve can be used to fine tune the single point correction, convenient, fast and accurate. 4, using the latest hardware circuit design, the overall performance is better than the domestic similar products, and can be replaced by imports. 5, sample speed automatic control, automatic control.

                  RSH-1 ultraviolet fluorescence sulfur determination instrument

                  First, technical parameters

                  1, measuring range: 1mg/L ~ 10000mg/L (liquid)

                  2, can be measured sample state: solid, liquid, gas (equipped with the corresponding sample device).

                  3, PMT high pressure range: DC400V ~ 700V, according to the level of sample concentration, set the required value through the operating system.

                  4, temperature range: room temperature to 1200.

                  5, temperature control accuracy: + 1.

                  6, repeatability error: 1.0mg/L, 0.2mg/L + 1.0mg/L<X<100mg/L, Cv = 10%; 100mg/L = X = 10000mg/L, Cv = 5%.

                  7, complete sets of equipment: host (data acquisition, control system), cracking furnace, automatic sampling device, computer (including operating system), printers, etc..


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